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Ignition is committed to delivering the highest quality graphics available to luxury market retailers and brands. By combining the latest in eco-friendly output technology along with optimizing color management and printing speeds we deliver outstanding visual graphic production, while also keeping an eye on the environment.

The EFI™ VUTEk® GS3250LX is a superwide LED-based printer that delivers high volume productivity, a huge range of application possibilities and greener printing with its eco-friendly LED based curing capabilities.

  • Features
  • Specifications

• Offers flatbed and roll-to-roll printing capability in one footprint.

• Extends the range of supported substrates with innovative ink curing technology that delivers high quality and high adhesion

• Offers a greener print solution with no VOCs, less consumables and waste, less energy consumption, and the ability to print on recycled and other materials without warping or head strikes

• Accurately aligns images using the precision alignment fence for every board

• Offers higher image quality with true grayscale technology

• 1000 dpi output resolution

• Print up to 55 – 4'x8' (1.2m x 2.4m) boards per hour

• Advanced three-layer white ink printing.

• Up to 126.5-inch addressable width (10.5 feet)

The HP Latex 28500 is a wide format printer that uses eco-friendly latex water based ink and delivers high image quality, fast productivity, high speed double sided printing.

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  • Specifications

• Produces double-sided prints with automated registration across sides that move immediately to finishing

• Prints on a wide range of media from vinyl, textiles, paper, film, wallpaper to low-cost uncoated options

• Water based latex inks are eco-friendly and odorless

• 1200 dpi output resolution.

• Up to 104-inch addressable width (8.6 feet).

The SummaCut is capable of reading registration marks for contour cutting; not only on standard materials but also on reflective, holographic or mirrored materials, as well as through the many different types of laminates being used today. The SummaCut features highly complex algorithms to compensate for any deformation of the print, using the worlds most reliable sensor technology.

  • Features
  • Specifications

• Optical positioning system enables highly accurate contour-cutting alignment

• Flexcut option makes it possible to cut designs completely through the backing material or alternatively partially through

• Support for standard, reflective and holographic materials

• Cuts materials up to 60 inches

• Up to 1131 mm/sec cutting velocity

• Mechanical resolution of 0,0127 mm

The Durst Lambda 130 HS is a wide format digital laser imager with true photographic output. The Lambda combines the advantages of classical silver halide photography with the latest laser and digital technology, without an intermediate film stage

  • Features
  • Specifications

• Operate with a full 36-bit RGB color space (68 billion colors)

• The 5-position paper turret for unexposed material allows for fast media changes

• Offers superior color saturation and fidelity, better image quality, more details and sharper type than alternatives

• 200/400 dpi output options of continous tone imaging yields an apparent resolution of 2000/4000 dpi

• Productivity of up to 49 sq.m/hr. or 540 sq.ft./hr.

• One seamless print can be as long as one entire 127 cm (50in.) roll (50 m/164 ft).

The Zund G3 3XL is one of the most versatile Flatbed Cutter Systems to serve markets requiring mechanized knife cutting, creasing and routing operations.

  • Features
  • Specifications

• Capable of cutting sheet and rigid materials while delivering clean, smooth edge quality.

• Vacuum turbine 1-9kW, 3ph 200V (50/60Hz) self-adjusting vacuum for material hold-down, reduced energy consumption.

• Integrated, compact color camera ICC for perfect recognition of virtually any reference mark even under imperfect conditions, e.g. low contrast, poor ambient lighting, reflective substrates

• 126 inch by 63 inch working area

• Triple interchangeable tool module

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Located in the heart of the most cosmopolitan city of the world, tomorrow’s large format graphics are just a cab ride away.


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