Custom online ordering system

Client: TissotDate: Oct, 2014

Tissot web to print solution

The Swiss brand Tissot is known for the fine craftsmanship and durability of their watches, making the demand for their product global. Being such a massive brand and featured in stores around the world , it is a necessity for up-to-date graphics to be easily located and ordered..

Ignition created a custom online ordering system built to address Tissot’s various printing needs. For example, size of graphics are not consistent in stores, so users must be able to enter individual height and width on the site, some users will want to order according to graphic type, while others will want to order according to image- check, the ability to search all store addresses that carry Tissot graphics…Ignition was able to accommodate these requests and more. The result is a highly functioning intuitive system that allows corporate and regional managers a convenient online source for all of their graphics.